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Prenatal Colostrum Catching

Prenatal Colostrum Catching allows mothers to collect and save their colostrum for their baby starting from pregnancy.  Happy Latch LLC can provide Colostrum Catching kits for expecting mothers, to allow for collection and storage of the colostrum. 

Which Mothers?

Sometimes it is helpful for mothers to stimulate milk production prenatally.  These mothers may have risk factors for low milk supply. These mothers include, but are not limited to, mothers with: Breast hypoplasia, PCOS, history of any breast surgery, history of low milk supply, mothers of multiples, and more.   Many mothers who undergo having a cesarian section may have more confidence in having their milk available to give to their babies if they are occupied in surgery.  

Which Babies? 

Many babies with known risk factors in utero may warrant milk collection prenatally.  These babies may have difficulties after your delivery.   Having your milk available gives you confidence to be able to have milk for them.  These babies include but are not limited to babies with IUGR, congenital conditions, strong family history of dairy intolerance, or cleft lip or cleft palate.  Sometimes mothers with diabetes may also be able to give their babies their collected colostrum if their baby has low blood sugar levels.  

I would like to collect and save my breastmilk during my pregnancy, what should I do next?

Fantastic!  Order your 'Prenatal Colostrum Catching' kit anytime during your pregnancy.  You will get a printed out set of instructions and information for collecting and storing your milk. You will receive multiple syringes specific for collection of your breastmilk, an insulated bag, and instructions for storage until you need to use it to give to your baby.  

This kit will allow you to have everything you need to collect, store, and give the milk to your baby.  From start to finish, with instructions to use along the way.  With this kit, you will be able to use hand expression more confidently, and have the security of knowing you will have your own breastmilk to give your baby immediately after your delivery.  

Price of the kit includes shipping, using USPS standard delivery.  If you want your kit faster, please contact me directly using the "Contact Me" portion of this site, and I can make individual allowances for mailing.   After you complete your purchase, please contact me and update me regarding your purchase.  I will need your mailing address, and I can mail your kit out to you immediately.   Thank you!


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