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Hospital Grade Equipment Rentals

Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rentals
  • Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Pump Rentals.  Hospital grade pumps are able to establish and maintain milk supply if direct breastfeeding is not possible.  Hospital grade pumps may be helpful for collecting breast milk at work or during other long absences from the baby.  Claim forms are provided to help you get insurance coverage for your hospital grade pump. Please also check with your insurance carrier about the details of your policy to ensure your coverage for this pump.  The CPT code used for this rental is E0604, please provide this code to your insurance representative when inquiring about reimbursement.  
Ideal Breast Pump BFMT 500.jpg
All Equipment rentals are $50 per month.
Pick up/ and drop off are scheduled from our administrative office in Springfield, VA.  Please use the "Contact Me" portal to inquire about availability and scheduling. 
Infant Weigh Scales
  • Seca Model Infant Weigh scales are accurate to the 0.2 of an ounce.  The Seca 354 scale has a 'Breast Milk Intake' function.  The Seca 374 scale has a 'Tare' function, and wide base which easily accommodates a larger or fidgety baby.  These Seca scales are adequate for breastfeeding weighted feedings, as well as daily weights.  Please consult your healthcare provider for best practices on how to coordinate your home weights  with weights done in the pediatric office. 
  • The Med-Weigh Infant Scale, Model MS2410 is accurate to the half ounce.  It has a large 20 inch x 14 inch platform, and weighs babies up to 44 lbs.    As this scale is only accurate to the 0.5 of an ounce, it is not recommended for breastfeeding weighed feeds.  
  • Check with your insurance company for coverage of a baby scale when your baby is having difficulty with breastfeeding, or an abnormal rate of weight gain.  The CPT code for coverage of this scale is E1399.  Upon request, I can provide a receipt for reimbursement by your insurance company.  
symphony picture.jpg
Medela Symphony Breastpump
Seca 374.jpg
Seca 374
Seca 354.png
Seca 354
MedWeigh 2410.jpg
Med-Weigh MS2410
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