How can I schedule a visit with a lactation consultant?

A Lactation Consultation at home:  Lactation visits at your home can be done throughout the week.  Visits are offered by consultants coming from the Richmond, or Charlottesville area.  If you are interested in a lactation visit at your home, please write an email via the 'Contact Me' portal, note your location, and any details which you are concerned about in your breastfeeding relationship.   You will be contacted back by a lactation consultant within 24 hours.  If you are interested in a home visit, an email with detailed insurance coverage information will be sent to you, as well as appointment times to choose from, and new family paperwork.  Home visits are billed according to the mother's insurance coverage.  


Lactation visits at the pediatric office:  Some pediatricians will allow you to see a lactation consultant in the pediatric office.   When you see a lactation consultant at the pediatric office, it is likely the visit will be billed through the pediatrician, under your baby's insurance coverage.   

**Commonwealth Pediatrics families have the option to see a lactation consultant at their Westchester office location on Tuesdays or Fridays.  Visits through Commonwealth Pediatric's are one hour long, and they are consistently offered on these two days per week.  Call the Westchester office at 804-739-8166 to schedule a breastfeeding appointment.  

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