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**You May Qualify for 6 completely free, no money out of pocket visits through The Lactation Network.  They can preauthorize your insurance coverage, and will handle all insurance paperwork and costs.  I can care for your family without ever billing you.  Please use this link to see if your insurance plan is qualified. 

Breastfeeding Baby

Follow this QR code to see if you qualify for complete coverage!

If your insurance plan does not qualify for pre-authorized coverage, please refer to these insurance coverage general guidelines:

  • Your appointment will be billed according to the needs of you and your baby.  The more complicated your case is, the more time and care I can give you.  Services are billed accordingly and reimbursable by most insurance companies accordingly.  

  • Each family will receive individualized education, instructions, and a variety of information recommended for you.

  • Follow-up visits are typically between one and two hours.  You are allowed as many follow up visits as you would like.  These are strongly encouraged before you return to work, if your infant has a prolonged stay in the NICU, or you feel that there is a decreasing milk supply.

  • There is usually a $50 travel fee for those outside of the greater Richmond area, or if I have a longer drive to see you.  Any traveling fee's will be discussed prior to your visit.

  • There is a $50 fee if you cancel within 24 hours and do not reschedule

  • Don’t forget to check with your insurance company about reimbursement for IBCLC services!  Visits with a lactation consultant should be covered under your medical insurance plan.

Evaluation Appointment
Lets get started!  Your initial consultation will allow us to develop your breastfeeding goals, do an assessment of your baby's mouth and latch, and practice breastfeeding in a variety of positions.  We will discuss the road ahead, and make a plan for how you can overcome any breastfeeding difficulties.  I will follow up with your pediatrician to ensure they are aware of your breastfeeding routine.

Prenatal appointments are highly encouraged, and will allow you to be better prepared to breastfeed, and better prepared to live life with a new baby! Having a better knowledge of your infants natural patterns will enable you to care for your infant with more confidence from day one.  

Insurance Reimbursement
Your fee is due at the time of service. However, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) lactation consultations are required to be covered by your insurance company.  
After you pay for your home visit consultation, you 

will be provided with an invoice with the medical billing codes to assist with reimbursement.  We will assist you in any way to get lactation coverage that is mandated under the ACA.
It may be helpful to enclose a letter to your insurance company when submitting your claim form for reimbursement, such as this sample letter: 
Please use the following links for further information on your insurance plan and its coverage:

2 Postnatal Visits 

Under the Health Care Reform Act, most insurance plans will reimburse families for atleast two postnatal appointments.  If concerns arise, more appointments may be covered. Please consult with your insurance company for your exact allowances.  Follow up appointments are never limited.  Two follow up appointments are highly recommended.  


Lactation follow up appointments may include a variety of services, all determined by you and your infant.   Services may include: getting ready to return to work, increased breast pain, assistance with your infants latch, feeding assessments, feeding during 'sick days', and feeding trouble shooting when you just don't know whats going on with your little one. Throughout the course of your breastfeeding experience, everyday is different, and everyday your baby will grow and change.  Through our follow up appointments, we can work together to navigate through all those changes, and prepare for the milestones ahead. Educational materials will be provided with each appointment.


By using the Happy Latch program, I will be with your family through the entirety of your breastfeeding journey, my services will never be limited. I will provide you assistance through in person visits, online and phone support as often as you need, and care plans tailored just for your family in the privacy of your own home.  

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