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Happy Latch can help you attain your clinical hours towards becoming an IBCLC.

Providing clinical mentorship for those seeking education in breastfeeding management 

All students will be asked to participate in a formal interview prior to starting training with Happy Latch LLC.  Your interview will allow you to ask questions, and ensure your pathway is the right one for your schedule and for your own family.  If you think you are interested in pursuing a career as a lactation educator, Happy Latch is a fantastic way to learn about the out-patient world of breastfeeding.  All training will include virtual breastfeeding care, in-person care, long term management and care of the breastfeeding dyad, teaching classes, and working with other professionals and care partners.  

For individuals following Pathway 1 towards getting their IBCLC certification: the Happy Latch breastfeeding program can help you attain your 1000 hours of lactation specific clinical practice in an appropriate supervised setting.  Clinical hours earned through this pathway are on an 'hour-per-hour' basis.  The 1000 hours will not all be directly supervised, and those following pathway 1 will may be working independently to complete some assignments. 

For individuals following Pathway 3: Mentorship with an IBCLC.  Please be aware that Pathway 3 individuals will be expected to apply to, for approval of their application, prior to the start of mentorship with Happy Latch LLC.  Pathway 3 students will be provided training through 1) Observation of the IBCLC Mentor, 2) Transition to clinical practice, 3) Supervised independent practice.   Students will be allowed flexibility in learning hours.  

For those students who are not pursuing a lactation certification, and are seeking assistance to be breastfeeding champions in their areas of care, Happy Latch can also provide training and guidance to support those professionals. Breastfeeding support is always needed.  Happy Latch is very happy to increase the awareness and accessibility of breastfeeding support.   

If you are interested in furthering your knowledge of lactation care and support, please email me with your resume, to: 

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