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About me

Happy Latch Lactation Consulting
IBCLC Richmond

Welcome! My name is Priscilla Anne, and I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), the gold standard in advanced practice lactation care.

I come to your family prepared with over fifteen years of experience in women's and children's healthcare. I have served families all over the world through nursing and lactation support.  I have worked with families both in the hospital, and at home with long term care plans.  Besides having my own personal breastfeeding story, I have been able to help hundreds of other families to achieve successful breastfeeding.  

I am well equipped to serve your family.  Through the "Happy Latch" breastfeeding program, I am able to tailor individual breastfeeding care to each of the families I work with.  It is my job to consider individual needs of each parent and baby, to implement an effective, easy, and healthy approach to breastfeeding.  


As a nurse, I utilize evidence based practice to care for each family.  As a private practice provider, I can be available 24 hours a day to your family. As a lactation consultant, I can help you implement an effective, and healthy feeding routine for you and your infant.  


Breastfeeding my own little girls has helped me in my service to others.  Through 'Baby led breastfeeding', we can watch your baby, and tailor a breastfeeding plan that meets both your goals and your babys needs. 

My Philosophy
As a lactation consultant
  • I do not make decisions for you

I will never say....

  • If you take this herb/medication I promise you’ll make more milk.

  • Your baby will never breastfeed.

  • Your baby should stay on the breast for _____ minutes.

  • Babies always have to eat on both sides each feeding.

  • Nor will I ever project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

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