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Corporate Services

 A successfully breastfeeding mother will be more confident, and dependable- in all areas of life, to include her work.  The Happy Latch Breastfeeding Program is honored to support any organization, in efforts to support the breastfeeding mother.  Services will be tailored to whatever your organization may need.  Services may include, but not be limited to: 

Classes and Groups:

If your organization is interested in hosting a class or group, we can support you in a variety of ways.  Classes may include, but not limited to: 

*Going back to work and breastfeeding

*Integrating Pumping into an effective breastfeeding routine

*Breastfeeding for family members and support partners

*Using your work environment to support breastfeeding.

*Or hosting a support group for your working mothers.

Hospital Grade Breastpumps:

If your organization is interested in offering hospital grade breast pumps to their working mothers, the Happy Latch Breastfeeding program is able to supply these Medela Symphony pumps for your office.  

Your office may find that breastfeeding mothers save time by using a hospital grade pump, as well as reduce the stress from carrying around less-effective personal use pumps.  

Using a Hospital Grade pump can help many breastfeeding mothers with very little investment.

Breastfeeding Chat Line, and Education:

Breastfeeding mothers may have many new and unforeseen problems when they return back to work. Offering mothers a free 'Breastfeeding chat line', or a resource table for education, may be very helpful to these mothers.  Education can be focused on the needs of the mothers who are asking for help.  

Managing a Pump Room for your organization: 

One way to offer unlimited support is by offering mothers a "Pump Room'.  The Happy Latch Breastfeeding Program can stock your breastfeeding room with clean equipment, breastmilk storage refrigerator, offer breastfeeding and pumping chairs, stock with breastfeeding education, and ensure that your pump room is easy to use/ and accessible to all breastfeeding/ and breast pumping mothers.  


If any of these ideas sound right for your organization, please use the "Contact Me" portal, and Happy Latch LLC can set your office up with increased breastfeeding support within the week.   

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