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New!  Starting November 2020, Happy Latch LLC will be hosting a virtual breastfeeding support group.  To register, send your phone number through the 'Contact Me' portal of this website, noting you are interested in the virtual support group.

About: This will be a weekly support group, currently offered on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.-6:00p.m.

Purpose: To address general breastfeeding concerns, increase support, and generalized education.  This is not meant to serve as individual consultation advice.  

Who: The group will be open to breastfeeding mothers and infants at all stages of breastfeeding.  You can attend once, or multiple times.

Media: You will be send a Zoom video link immediately before the group is started.  The link will be sent via a text to your phone number.  The group is not confidential.  There may be up to 12 people live in this group.

Cost: I ask for a $15 payment, this can be made via Venmo, mailed check,   HSA card, or credit card prior to the start of the group.   

**For participants of the group, there may be breastfeeding babies on screen, this is expected, please be respectful and aware of the live nature of this forum.  

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